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Adopt an Author

Are you a mega fan of James Patterson or Sue Grafton?  Do you purchase their newest book the minute it comes out?  Then the Adopt-an-Author program may be for you.

This program allows book lovers to skip the hold lines for their favorite authors or series by purchasing the book for the library.  The library buys and processes the book, and when it is ready to go out, you get called to come and claim your next adventure.

What you do as an adopter get:

  • First dibs on your favorite author’s newest book.
  • The library discount price (which ranges from 35-43% off the cover price)
  • No late fees on adopted books
  • Never needing to remember, or forgetting that there is a new book coming out
  • Special name plaque in the front of the book
  • Tax deduction

We work our program around the adopter.  For example, the adopter loves Janet Evanovish but only the Stephanie Plumb series, and not any of the others; the library can make an arrangement to just adopt that series.   The library also does kids and teen adoptions by author or series.  Give kids gifts that they can share with the community, instead of gifts that get broken or are no long played with in three months. 

Almost any current “Big Six” publishing authors can be adopted.  The library has a suggestion list of over 650 possible authors and series to adopt.  Use the link below to and look at just a small snapshot of authors and series up for adoption.

Adopt an eBook

Book Donations

We always welcome used books and media items. The library gratefully accepts donations of the following items in good condition:

  • Books
  • Audiobooks on CD
  • Music CDs
  • DVDs
  • Magazines

Donations may be dropped off at the library’s front desk.  If you plan to drop off more than a bag or two of items, we request that you contact the library beforehand so that we may ready carts, or have a staff member available to help unload.

Any donations not added to the library collection will be shared with other libraries, added to the book sale, or placed out for public consumption.

For more information, please consult the Donations and Gifts Policy.

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