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Mattoon Residents

The Mattoon Public Library is a City Library.  All residents who live inside the city limits of Mattoon are eligible for a free library card.  To get a library card you need to bring a few things with you:

  1. A state or federally issued Photo ID
    • Valid Driver’s License
    • Valid State Issued Photo ID
    • Valid Passport
    • Valid FOID Card
    • Valid Military ID
  2. Proof of residency mpp_corn
    • Valid and correct ID
    • Lease
    • Property Tax bill that says LIBRARY
    • Water Bill
    • A piece of canceled mail. If you bring in something like an electric bill you must have the windowed envelope with the post-cancel and the inside statement with the address.

The library staff has the right and the responsibility to validate that an address is in or out of our service area.

If you have a fine at any SHARE member library, then MPL cannot issue a card without these other cards being cleared of all fines and blocks. The client will need to talk to the library where the fine is owed to get it dismissed, forgiven, or make arrangements to pay it off.

Use the link below to get started.

Click here to register for a Library Card


Mattoon Non-Residents
If you do not live in the city limits of Mattoon then we are required by state law to charge a non-resident fee.  The Mattoon Public Library formulates their fee by the state approved mathematical formula based on the average that Mattoon City Residents pay.

Current Fee: $75 a year per family.

Reader’s Bridge
If the non-resident fee is a hardship, the Mattoon Public Library participates in Reader’s Bridge to help cover 90% of this fee.  To qualify for Reader’s Bridge you must fall into one (or multiple) of the categories below:

  • Earning minimum wage but working less than full time
  • Your children receive free or reduced school lunch
  • Link card
  • State medical card
  • Subsidized housing
  • TANF

The Library Director has the ability to offer Reader’s Bridge for reasons other than those listed above.

Readers’ Bridge is available whenever there is funding.

Click here to download the Reader’s Bridge Application


Reciprocal Borrowing
The Mattoon Public Library accepts any public library cards from Illinois Heartland Library System SHARE Libraries.  Unfortunately, school and academic library cards can not be used at the public library.

If you are visiting the Mattoon Public Library area for a few weeks or months and have a valid public library card at another public library outside SHARE (example: Urbana Free Library, Chicago Public Library), then your card can be added to our system.  You will need that valid library card and a photo ID.  Your original library card must be free of fines and in good standing while you are a patron of MPL.

This policy is invalid if you are staying outside the city limits.

By IHLS rules, all reciprocal borrowers are not allowed to use downloadable services such as eBooks and eAudiobooks.

PADS Members
We encourage all PADS clients to have a library card and use our resources.  We encourage you to participate in programs such as the Summer/Winter Reading programs, Movies in Lytle Park, etc.

All rules and requirements above pertain to PADS Members.

PADS Specific rules

  • A PADS ID Card or a letter from the current director of pads with an authentic signature will serve as proof of residency (no photocopies will be allowed).
  • No library cards will be issued to PADS residents under the age of 13.

Pads Policy.docx