Volunteers and Community Service

The Mattoon Public Library takes volunteers for all types of activities.

  • Programming help in the summer
  • Delivering materials to Homebound patrons (With Rotary of Mattoon)
  • Fundraising
  • General assistance with everyday things like shelf straightening and shelf reading, etc.

If you would like to volunteer, please contact the library director at 217-234-2621

All volunteers are required to sign in and out for their shift.  If you are an RSVP member, please mark your sign in sheet as such and we will turn in the hours each month.

Community Service
Community Service is another form of volunteerism.  We are willing to take community service workers who are age 13 and older on an individual basis.  Younger kids can do community service as a group-wide project day.  We take community service for the following reasons:

  • Housing
  • School
  • Organizational (churches, social groups, etc)
  • Drug court
  • Court mandated

Community service time spent at the library for schooling, housing, and organizing are usually routine things that range from helping to get a program ready, cleaning DVDs, cutting out materials, and helping organize events like the books sale.

Court-ordered community service, be it drug court or other, is usually harder, or not as nice tasks such as dusting, raking up the gingko berries, sweeping outside, shoveling snow, etc. By our policy we do not take court ordered community service workers with the following offense(s):

  • Sexual predators
  • Violent crimes
  • Grand theft

The library director reserves the right to turn anyone away for court-ordered community service.

All community service workers are required to sign in and out for their shift.  Since these hours normally need to be turned into another organization, a member of the Library staff must initial the time sheets, or the time does not count.

The library has our own version of time sheets that we keep track of community service hours.  We will not sign sheets from other organizations.  When the worker is ready to turn in their hours, the library staff will make a copy of the sheet that the library keeps, and provide that worker with the original.  All hours and notes are kept in a digital file as a backup for future use.

To set up community service hours you must call and speak to the Library Director at 217-234-2621.  The following questions may be asked:

  • For who are you needing community service hours?
  • What was the offense?
  • How many hours do you need to accomplish?
  • How long do you have to accomplish these hours?
  • When would you like to accomplish these hours?

Warning!  If you set up a time for community service and are late without calling, you may be sent home without getting any hours done. Failure to appear when scheduled may result in all future hours being canceled.