Library Board of Trustees

The Library Board of Trustees meets the second Monday of every month at 5:15 PM. A special meeting is scheduled in April on the final Monday of the month to clear out financial matters at the end of the fiscal year.

Meetings are normally held in the Kinzel room of the Lower Basement and are open to the public in accordance to the Illinois Open Meetings Act.

2017 Board Meeting Schedule
Second Monday of the Month

Month Day Time
January 9th 5:15 PM
February 13th 5:15 PM
March 13th 5:15 PM
April 11th 5:15 PM
April 24th 5:15 PM
June 12th 5:15 PM
July 10th 5:15 PM
August 14th 5:15 PM
September 11th 5:15 PM
October 9th 5:15 PM
November 13th 5:15 PM
December 4th 5:15 PM


Clay Dean, President, term expires June 2018

Justin Grady, Vice President, term expires June 2020

Phyllis Karpus, Treasurer, term expires June 2020

Carla Bradbury, Secretary, term expires June 2019

Jennifer Bullock, Trustee, term expires June 2019

Laura Glenn, Trustee, term expires June 2018

Brandon Kimberlin, Trustee, term expires June 2018

Candy Rankin, Trustee, term expires June 2020

Greg Ray, Trustee, term expires June 2019


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