Green Crate Program

Area services such as daycares, after-school programs, senior centers, and assisted living centers can make going to the Library easy by having the Library come to you.

Every week, or every other week, the Library Rotary volunteers will deliver a Green Crate full of materials for your patrons use. The delivery person will pick up the previous Green Crate. Your patrons can use the materials then return them.

What goes in a Green Crate?

This depends on your organization. The Library staff will work with you to provide the materials you need. Anything that can be checked out of the Library can be delivered in Green Crates.  This includes books, DVDs, video games, and more. If your organization needs a special subject or has a specific request, this can be requested online or by leaving a note in the outgoing Green Crate.

For example, a current after-school program gets 30 books a week. They range from beginning readers to chapter books. The younger children get a new book every day, while some may keep the book a little longer. No books can go home with the children. They all stay at the after-school program, but the older children are allowed to keep what they are reading in their cubby. For another organization, the Green Crate may be placed in the office, and patrons come check things out and return them when they are done.

It is up to your organization to determine how you will hand out materials. The Library will work with you to determine how the Green Crates should be handled to work the best for you.

Why should you get a Green Crate?

There are numerous advantages to the Green Crate program. Not only does the Crate get delivered to your organization, it is also a free service with no associated late fees.


  1. Manager of Account: Your organization must have a Manager of Account. This is the person that the Library contacts when there are issues arise and when we are unable to deliver. This person must be responsible. They must have proof that they are affiliated with the organization and a photo ID. They also cannot have any fines at any libraries in the Illinois Heartland Library System on their personal library account.
  2. Delivery: The Library will deliver weekly or every other week. At least 90% of the items sent in a delivery must come back in the next delivery.
  3. Missing Items: If an item is kept for over three delivery periods, the Library will inform the Manager of Account that the item is missing, and it must be returned. Any items still missing after five delivery periods will be charged to the account.
  4. Damaged Materials: If materials are accidentally damaged or destroyed the Library will work with the Manager of Account to determine a course of action. These actions may include a steep discount or a forgiveness of repair/replacement fees. The course of action will be dependent on material, age, use, etc. Intentionally damaged items will need be discussed with the Library Director for a course of action.
  5. Fines: As with any library account, if the account is over $30, service will be halted until the fine is cleared.